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Site redesign

I’ve applied a new template to the site, replacing the old boring one with something a little more dynamic. This is in anticipation of posting more content, so it’ll take a while for the content to catch up with the...

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New hobby

I’m excited! I’ve embarked on a new hobby, and it promises to be both fun and challenging. Since leaving Alaska, I’ve been in a hobby funk. It used to be photography that consumed my spare time, but it was too...

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Getting a Snom phone working with Elastix

I just spent some time banging my head against the wall trying to figure out why my Snom 370 could receive calls from my Elastix PBX, but could not make outgoing calls. I kept getting a “not allowed here” or...

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All Souls Procession

Skippy and I spent the weekend in Tucson for the All Souls Procession. I picked her up at the Phoenix airport Friday night, and we drove to Tucson Saturday morning. On our arrival at the Hotel Congress, we heard the...

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Arizona Showers

One of the things that has amazed me most about Arizona is the amount of rain we get, especially in the Prescott area. The storms are short and the rain comes down hard and fast. They’re usually very small in size, but...

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