I’m excited! I’ve embarked on a new hobby, and it promises to be both fun and challenging.

Since leaving Alaska, I’ve been in a hobby funk. It used to be photography that consumed my spare time, but it was too easy up in the 49th state. I could trip out my front door and take a photo of something amazing most days up there. I’ve not felt the pull of picking up my camera since leaving there in 2013.

Hell, I haven’t even felt like writing here for even longer, the past few years have been mostly auto-posts of my sporadic Instagram photos.

So, this new hobby. It involves so many things:

  • Learning new skills
  • Using new tools
  • Exercising dormant creative brainwaves
  • Tweaking an interest (obsession?) that is both nostalgic of my childhood and very present-day
  • Making use of existing skills (taking sweet-ass photos of the projects, video of the processes)

I’ll be redoing the site design here over the weekend in anticipation of the new content, and will lay out what’s coming then.