I’ve applied a new template to the site, replacing the old boring one with something a little more dynamic. This is in anticipation of posting more content, so it’ll take a while for the content to catch up with the template’s capabilities. And for me to learn the template’s capabilities.

It’s a theme from the folks at Elegant Themes, a place I’ve gotten quite a few themes in the past. This particular theme is built using their Divi Builder system, and I like the way it works so far! It’s a modular layout system the works within WordPress and allows for very easy customization.

For instance, I can quickly create a section that alters the background and text of a portion of the post. It’s also easy to add in separate columns, images, image sliders, videos, and all the other fun stuff I’ll be using on the site for my upcoming projects. Look, I can use drop quotes if I want, because quoting myself on my own blog is awesome.

Usually when I set up a new template, I customize the dickens out of it. There are always a number of code tweaks I need to make to set the colors, spacing, style, etc. to be exactly the way I want. So far with this template, I’ve added exactly one line of custom CSS to control a couple items on the front page, but that’s it! Everything else is controlled within the template options. Now, finding them all is somewhat of a search and hope exercise, but it’s better than custom CSS any day. An example: all the posts under the Photography section had titles in hot pink. I’m not a hot pink kind of guy, so I searched through the CSS file to find out where that was set. After not finding it, I decided to make a new category for Projects, and found that there is now a setting for “Category Color” where I set the color of the titles. No more hot pink on my photography posts!

Look, I can use drop quotes if I want, because quoting myself on my own blog is awesome.

But enough about the template and more about the site. I’m excited about the new hobby I’m learning and want to document the process. I also know there are other people that are also starting up that would benefit from what I’ve already learned and will learn as I move forward. There’s a forum or two where people are posting details of what they’re doing, and I’ll be posting there as well, but I don’t want to clutter up those places with my happy little squealings when a new part arrives, berating myself when I screw something up, or any of the other trivial things that are bound to happen. No, those will be posted here for the benefit of my dear readers.

This site is still very much a work in progress and I’ll be making changes as needed. It’ll be easier to see what needs to be done as I use it more and more.

Okay, let’s get started with some content!