I spent some time this weekend diagramming the wiring I’ll be using. I’ve looked at some other diagrams, but until I worked it out for myself it was pretty obtuse. The most complicated set of wires come from the recharge port. It has three posts and touches every other component directly except the speaker.

The difficult part was getting all the wiring junctions correct. There are three branching out from the recharge port.

  1. Positive post wire splits out to three wires. One goes to the battery positive, the second goes to the board positive terminal, and the third goes to the LED positives after splitting again (see 2).
  2. The LED positive splits into three wires again. All three get 1ohm 2watt resisters, then find their respective homes on the positive terminals of each LED.
  3. The third junction comes off of the board negative, where it splits into two wires: one to the activation switch and the other to the board negative terminal.
Recharge Port Diagram

Recharge Port Diagram

Above you can see the diagram I made to clear up the connections I’ll need to make. I made a mistake wiring up the speaker (I need to redo the wire solder angles, due to where the wires will need to run inside the chassis, there will be a post on it) so I’m planning everything out in advance instead of just winging it.