LED-aliveI received my LEDs and heatsinks from Saberbay today. I ordered a blue/blue/white for this saber, and received a discount on a second order since the initial one was delayed a couple of weeks. I ordered a royal blue/royal blue/white and another heatsink for a future project.

So, this evening I spent a few hours wiring up the b/b/w LED. I had some trouble getting the solder to drop onto the pads, it was getting drawn up the soldering iron tip and stayed up there until enough collected to drop back down, sometimes in a overly large ball. Then I had to use the copper solder wick to draw up the excess. On a couple of the pads it dropped a yellow liquid, which I’m guessing is the flux that’s in the solder.

I had to test one LED on each board (I was so eager to see the two boards that I forgot to keep track of which board was which color), so I wired each up with a positive and negative wire, added a 1ohm 2watt resistor to the positive wires, and put together a male JST connector with bare wires at the end. I wound the positive and negative wires together respectively, and attached the JST connector to the Li-Ion battery. Both LEDs lit up! To the right is the standard blue. I didn’t get a good photo of the royal blue, but I will when the time comes to use it.

Having found the right LED, I went through the process of wiring each pad. The wires have to go through the center hold of the LED board, and then through the center of the heatsink. When it got down to the last three wires, it was apparent only two would fit though that little hole. To get around that, I bridged the blue LED negative pads, so I only needed one negative wire going through the center hole.

One crowded hole

One crowded hole

Next I cut a hole in the middle of the thermal tape star I got from TCSS, and attached it to the bottom of the LED board. Finally, I threaded the wires through the heatsink hole and pulled the LED board down…and discovered it doesn’t fit into the heatsink.

It doesn't fit, so I quit (for tonight)

It doesn’t fit so I must, uh, quit (for tonight)

So now I’m stuck, not sure what to do. I’ve emailed Saberbay to see if I should file down the inside of the heatsink or the edges of the LED board, or a little of both. Until then, I can’t put on the other two resistors and test the remaining LEDs, as the resistors won’t fit through the heatsink hole. So here the wiring stops, waiting for some answers.