Last night I wired or rewired about half of the project. Thanks to my new chassis, my previous wiring of the LED – with the resistors up near the heatsink – would no longer work. All of the wiring how has to go into the chassis, so I removed all the LED wiring and redid it. The first time through it took me a couple hours. This time, it took about 20 minutes. Learning!

The tutorials I’m using (GOTH’s own instructions and the amazing Let’s Build A Graflex series on YouTube) all recommend twisting the wires for space and neatness. I found, however, that twisting them makes them take up too much space and so makes too tight of a fit in the chassis when the battery is inserted. That makes it difficult to position the LED module and would make it hard to pull out the switch wires when I need them. Instead I’ve laid them singly along the cable channel in the chassis and kept them organized by just pushing on them as I slid the battery in place. Now they slide easily in the channel so I can position the LED module correctly.

I also clipped the wires from the battery to remove the JST connector and added some length of additional 30awg wire to the ends. I originally planned on using JST connectors throughout the build, but the Knight chassis definitely doesn’t have space for that.

Finally, I wired the crystal chamber accent LED and glued it in place. I also placed a piece of quartz I bought in Boulder over the weekend, it fits better than any of the crystals I got from Amazon. I did have to use pliers to remove some of the back end of the crystal that was occluded, it was blocking too much of the light.

The next step is to wire up the speaker and place it in the chassis, then on to the power port! Still no final word on when the hilt will arrive, they’re in production right now and will hopefully be shipping in the next couple of weeks.